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March 21, 2020
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Different types of Mobile apps

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With the growth of Smart phones in the past few years, the mobile application world is expanding quite rapidly. Nearly everyone uses a Smartphone these days and this is majorly due to the fact that they actually make our lives easier. Mobile apps play a major part in improving the overall Smartphone user interface and experience. These mobile applications can be categorized into different groups depending upon their functionality.

1. Utility Apps:

The applications are the ones which make your life easier and make complicated tasks simple. These are handy tools which can drastically improve the small tasks in your life. These include calculators, dictionaries, and even on-the-go notepads. E-mail is another basic utility which we need in our daily routine.

2. News and weather apps:

Nearly everything that is happening in the world is just a finger touch away with the help of news apps. Every major news, every sporting event, score charts, etc is available to you and can be easily shared with all your friends with the help of these apps. Weather apps come with interactive interface and highly efficient to predict the real-time updates. So if you're planning a picnic tomorrow, make sure you get a heads up from your weather app.

3. Entertainment apps:

As the name suggests, these apps a basically designed to, entertain. So if you have to waste your time, these apps are the best and the most fun way to do it. These also include Games apps, which are the most downloaded mobile apps, and the most popular ones among the developers. These have got gaming to a whole new level as nearly everyone plays games of their smart phones. Entertainment applications include fun filled photo-editors, talking cats and dogs, and much more.

4. Productivity apps:

Productivity apps tend to make our normal routine productive. These can be of two types, everyday productivity apps, and professional productivity apps. Everyday apps include calendars, daily-task managers, grocery lists, and much more. Professional apps include apps related to a specific profession making it easier and more efficient, such as finance apps, coding apps, appointment list apps etc.

5. Lifestyle apps:

These are apps which go with specific lifestyles and try and make it better. These include fitness apps or weight loosing apps for someone who likes to stay healthy. Then there are travel apps, music apps, food apps, and much more.

6. Social Networking apps:

Nearly everyone is connected via some social networking platform. Mobile apps have created a whole new level of social networking. Every website focuses its attention on its mobile app as there has been a gradual shift in the number of people using apps over actual computers to use these websites.


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