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August 17, 2020
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Examples of How Identity Theft Occurs

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Considered one of the most common crimes in today's society, identity theft can happen to anyone. Although this has been a popular thing to talk about for quite a few years, there is still widespread confusion about what identity theft is and why it occurs. Anyone can be hit by the crime of identity theft, and the worst part of it is that most folks don't even know when it is happening. Here are a few examples to help introduce you to some of the various ways identity theft criminals work, and how they are able to get access to someone's personal information.

A popular way for criminals to gain access to your information is by looking through discarded documents that may be in a trash can. All they need to do is walk through a neighborhood or down a street where trash bags have been placed out by the road for pickup the following day, then either rummage through the bags at that location if they are not concerned about being noticed, or they may just pick them up and haul them home so they can go through them at their leisure. A good tip to avoid having your identity stolen in this manner is to avoid leaving your trash by the curb for longer than is absolutely necessary. You also need to shred all of your mail before tossing it in your garbage, and never throw an old driver's license, health card, or anything else that gives identification information before cutting it up.

Identity thieves might also attempt to call you up on the telephone and try to weasel some personal information out of you. Quite often, they will pose as a representative from a major institution like a bank or credit card company and tell you that they need to verify your social security number or other sensitive data. To avoid this happening to you, make sure that you know who you are talking to before giving out any information over the phone.

Another popular avenue identity thieves use to steal your personal information is called phishing. Phishing is done online through the internet by sending certain types of malware applications to your computer, which then gives them access to your files and other information they can use to actually open credit accounts under your name that they will proceed to use. One of the scariest and most dangerous things about being on the Internet is your constant vulnerable exposure to criminal agents who can steal your identity at any time. To combat this, you should make sure your ant-virus software is always updated.

The identity thief examples mentioned are just a few of the ways people are able to obtain personal information about you and use it for themselves. The most important thing is protecting your personal information, and if you have any suspicion your identity is being used by anyone else you should be in contact with the authorities immediately.


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