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August 25, 2020
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Fathers Day Present Ideas - Logitech Alert 700e Outdoor Add-On Security Camera With Night Vision

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Brief Description Of This Security Camera

Want to get some added protection for your home? The Logitech Alert 700e Outdoor Add-on Security Camera With Night Vision is a weatherproof digital video security camera that will provide you with that extra security coverage as it features night vision, HD-quality video, wide-angle lens with a 130 degrees view, and even has integrated flash memory so you can record without a computer.

This particular security camera will definitely make a fantastic Father's Day gift for your dad if he is currently using any of the Logitech Alert Master Security System at home (as this camera requires the Logitech Alert 750e Outdoor Master Security System or the Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Master Security System in order to work).

With the night vision and HD-quality video features, your dad will be able to see clearly what is happening outside his home even in complete darkness.

Customers' Feedback About The Logitech Alert 700e Outdoor Add-on Security Camera

Regarding customers' feedback about this particular Logitech Alert 700e security camera, most of the customers are happy with it.

Let us first talk about the positive aspects about this device - Many of them complimented that the entire set up of this security camera is very easy with great setup diagrams included in the entire package. They have also said that the night vision is surprisingly good even when the lighting condition is very dim.

And in terms of the pictures produced by the camera, users have noticed that the pictures were extremely clear (and not washy like most of the other security cameras of different brands).

However, on the drawbacks about this security camera, some of them said that the software that came with the package is not Mac compatible. Also, some of them reported that it tend to go into "night vision" even if it is only slightly overcast.

Our Final Verdict

After taking a look at this Logitech Alert 700e Outdoor Add-on Security Camera With Night Vision, we feel that, on the whole, this is a pretty decent security camera that you may want to consider getting for your dad this Father's day - Especially he is those who goes out of town often.

The reason is because, this security camera allow you to view the video footage live anytime using either the web or his smartphone. So, he will have a peace of mind that everything around his house is all right even when he is out of town.

Also, this Logitech 700e comes with a 2 GB micro SD card which will enable your dad to record video up to 1 week even when it is not connected to a computer. The video recordings will be transferred to the computer when it is connected. This is really useful as the security camera can continue recording even when your dad decides to go on short trips and turns off his computer.

On top of that, this security camera can also be set to record only when motion is detected which is great as your dad will not need to waste much time reviewing the recordings.

Furthermore, the Logitech Alert 700e is really easy to install and can be placed in most places using the included mounting brackets. Your dad will certainly have no problem installing it.

Therefore, do consider getting the Logitech Alert 700e Outdoor Add-on Security Camera for your dad on Father's Day so he can further improve the security of his home.


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