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July 17, 2020
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An Introduction Guide To Headphones

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Now that more people are somewhat attached to their computers or laptops, more and more are choosing headphones as their source of audio transmitter to their ears. For those with the money, they are able to invest in the best piece they can get from the market while those who just have the minute budget will have to make do with the lower quality one. However, there are ways to get the headphones that suit our preferences with affordable price tag if we know how to look for it.

For people who are very into music, games, and watching their favourite movie without external distraction, they enhance that experience by using the feature of headphones. Those headphones provide them the isolation and much needed silence from the outside world. This allows them to enjoy their alone time better and more profoundly.

What you can do at the first hand is to neatly fold and keep your headphones in their box or package. Be careful not to wrap those wires (for those with wires) too tight as so prevent the fragile wiring to break inside. For the wireless model, you should be extra careful not to put so much strain on the wireless point to avoid your device being unable to be detected by your laptop or computers.

Next, use fine brushes to brush away dusts and other dirt from the padded headpiece. Clogged headpiece may cause uneven sound distribution, hence causing your viewing and hearing experience affected. If possible, remove the pad for a while to get any hairs or to wipe the inside to give better sound quality.

Clean the tip of the jack before plugging it into the slot of your computers or laptops. Dirty tips will cause a delay or a failure of detecting your headphones by the computer or laptop. Use moistened cotton swab to clean the tip and also the inside of the slot. Remember, use moistened cotton swab, not wet cotton swab. You do not want to damage your slot.

Headphones also come with padded earpiece or at least come with soft plastic. This is to avoid the discomfort of the ears caused by the older designs of headphones. Padding prevents the hard cover of the phone to press too hard on the ear. For those who do not like the use of padded earpiece, then there is still the plastic earpiece. Plus, they can change the cover with the designs that they like, adding more personality.

However, no matter how much you prefer to put those headphones on your ears, do remember not to turn on the volume to the loudest. A sudden change in the volume may cause temporary hearing inadequacy after a pro-longed use. What you should do is to turn the volume to the lowest before wearing the headphones. Only then should you increase the volume slowly according to your preferred loudness. It is good to put the volume where you can hear all the details without feeling you are being stabbed by the noise.

Maintenance is one of the things that you must not fail to do in order to keep your headphones as long as you want. With good care, you may end up being the person with vintage headphones when you are old in the future.


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