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September 24, 2020
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Bolle BP-10 Printer

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There is very little now that you cannot do with iPhones and with the new Bolle BP-10 printer, you can have a combination printer for your iPhone. Admittedly, this little printer is kind of weird, but the real tech lovers are going to want this printer in their home, especially if they enjoy printing pictures from their iPhone and want to be more direct about it or if they do not want to print through their computer every time there is a quick shot to be printed.

iPhone printers work by taking the photos off your iPhone and printing them on high quality paper. Typically you can only print in one size-4x6 and the Bello BP-10 is no different. iPhone printers are meant to be compact after all and you cannot have a compact printer that can print poster size photos! The photos you get are very high quality though and fairly quickly printed out, though the printer has to cycle through each cartridge separately, resulting in the picture being regurgitated four times throughout the process, giving you a good view of the growing image.

This printer does not only work as a printer; it also works as a docking station to charge up your iPhone. A simple enough addition to the accessory; after all, the iPhone simply charges off the power that the printer needs to work, but still a neat one for anyone who is always busy. You will never forget to charge your iPhone if you do it every time you print off a picture. Just be careful not to knock it off!

Keep in mind that picking up ink cartridges for this printer seems to be an endeavor to say the least, with the company itself not even mentioning the cartridges in their promotional pieces. Your best bet would be to visit an Apple store and ask about it. Also keep in mind that as always, you?ll have to download the Bello printer app; fortunately, it?s free to do. However, the printer itself is far from free. It currently weighs in at a hefty $192.00, which is easily triple the cost of many color printers that could do the same through but through your computer.

The new Bolle BP-10 printer is convenient and it is fun and convenient to be able to print pictures right off your iPhone while charging it. It is good for people who travel a lot and take a lot of photos to stay on top of. But whether or not it will move from the realm of gimmick to mainstream has yet to be seen. The cost alone combined with the odd absence of readily available ink could put this little piece of tech into the realm of those who enjoy collecting oddities. If you enjoy the idea of printing your iPhone photos and you want to do it on the go, it could be worth considering buying the Bolle BP-10 iPhone printer.


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