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October 16, 2020
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Boost your internet connection with a new router

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If your internet connection is a little bit lacking in the speed department, you will probably want to increase its speed. This is certainly possible, although a lot of people think that there is nothing you can do to better your internet. While some believe that it eventually comes down to your internet service provider, you can actually change your internet's speed from the comfort of your own home simply by upgrading your router.

What is a router?
Those that didn't set up their internet connection may feel a little confused about how everything works in this area. A router is a networking device that directs the internet around your property, so everyone trying to access the internet in your home can do so. You can either have a wired or a wireless router, depending on which you would prefer.

Wireless routers can be much more attractive in your home, as they don't come with any unsightly wires lying around the house. However, wired routers can sometimes provide you with a faster internet connection, depending on the type of router that you are using.

How can an upgrade help?
Older routers are sometimes unable to transmit connection speeds greater than 10Mbps (Megabit Per Second), which could be the cause of your slow internet. Even if your local internet port transmits up to 100Mbps, the maximum speed of your router will affect this. Your older router may not have a processor that is strong enough to transmit the 10Mbps, which can also be a problem.

By upgrading your router to one that is capable of greater speeds, you are sure to see an increase in your internet connection.

How else can I speed up my internet connection?
There are quite a few accessories and electronic devices which you can buy in order to increase your internet connection, so you don't just have to replace your router. If you really want to maximise your internet speed, you should consider investing in some of these products.

Interstitial plates, also known as iPlates, are one such device. The device simply plugs into your telephone socket, and you can then plug your internet cable into it. It basically works by removing the bell wire, which is what caused older telephones to ring. Nowadays though, the bell wire is not required, so it simply creates interference on your phone line and with your internet connection.

By installing a device such as this and replacing your router, you could help to speed up your internet by a shocking amount. Do you think you will be looking for a new router any time soon?


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